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Cleaning Solvent
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Cleaning Solvent very effective cleaning product



  • Sold in 5 litres or 25 litres
  • Effective cleaning of all application equipment.
  • Thinning of solvent-based products


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Product Overview
Technical & Application Details

What is Cleaning Solvent - Overview?

Cleaning Solvent is a very effective cleaning solution that can successfully remove excess resin, bitumen and solvent based products from application equipment. Alternatively it can also be used to thin solvent based products, to aid application subject to the manufacturers advice.

Where can Cleaning Solvent be used?

Cleaning Solvent is used to clean application equipment such as machinery, rollers and brushes having been used with products such as Colourplus, Hycolour 193, Adtex, GeoPave, Clearline and Bitex Primers.

Cleaning Solvent in some cases may also be used to reduce the application viscosity of a solvent-based product. Please seek advice.


Spray Machinery - After completion of solvent based product application, replace paint drum on machine with drum containing Cleaning Solvent. Set up machine to recirculate until system is fully flushed and free of all paint residues.

Hand Equipment - Pour off Cleaning Solvent into a metal container. Using protective gloves, work solvent into brushes or roller until paint is dissolved. Rinse using clean Cleaning Solvent. Remove as much solvent from equipment and allow to dry.

See product information sheet.


Cleaning Solvent is a Clear, colourless liquid that is sold in 5 litre or 25 litre drums.

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