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Resin Bonded Surfacing

Adtex Resin Bonded Aggregate Surfacing / Paving

Adtex is a two-component polyurethane resin system used to bond aggregates to a substrate to form a resin bonded aggregate surfacing, or paving, system. Adtex is neutral in colour, is odour and solvent free and has excellent adhesion to most surfaces.

Adtex can be purchased separately as a 17.5 kg two component pack or as part of a convenient complete paving package suitable for 12-15 mē of finished resin bonded surfacing Each complete resin bonded surfacing package consists of a 17.5 kg pack of Adtex resin and a choice of graded, washed and kiln dried aggregate supplied in 25 kg approx plastic sacks. It is important to select the appropriate aggregate for the intended application area. Aggregates range in colour, size, shape and dryness. We supply aggregates proven to work well as part of a resin bonded aggregate surfacing system, typically varieties of gravel, basalt, granite, calcined bauxite and quartz. In order to ensure successful resin bonded surfacing installations, we supply only selected washed natural aggregates and manufactured aggregates such as calcined bauxites which have been graded, kiln dried and bagged.

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Complete resin and aggregate paving pack typically covering 12-15 mē. Prices from
£106.00 ex VAT
Resin only paving pack to be used with suitable aggregate
£79.00 ex VAT
Learn how to lay both our Bounded & Bound Resin Systems
£100.00 ex VAT