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Adtex Complete Paving Pack for 12-15 m²

Danish Quartz 1-3mm
Danish Quartz 2-5mm
Golden Pea 1-3mm
Golden Pea 2-5mm
Green Granite 1-3mm
Silver Grey Granite 1-3mm
Silver Grey Granite 2-5mm

Product Benefits

  • Combined pack weight is 17.5 kg
  • Attractive surfacing
  • Excellent durability
  • Strong bond
  • Solvent-free
  • No odour during or after application
  • Flexible, even at low temperatures
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Decorative surfaces
  • Alternative to concrete, tarmac and asphalt
  • Alternative to traditional paving
  • Restricts weed growth
  • Minimal stone migration

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Product Overview
Technical & Application Details

Adtex Resin Bonded Paving

Resin and Aggregate Pack

What is Resin Bonded Paving?

A resin bonded paving system is an attractive alternative to traditional paving methods such as pattern imprinted concrete, block paving, loose gravel and decking. Its pleasant natural appearance can contrast with or compliment the surrounding hardscaping and is a relief from lifeless, dull concrete, tarmac or asphalt. A resin bonded system comprises a specially formulated two part resin and aggregate. Aggregate can be chosen from a vast range of colours, shapes and sizes. The resin is applied to the substrate and then the aggregate is scattered on to the wet resin. It is then left to cure before the excess aggregate is swept off leaving a beautiful gravel finish. The new resin bonded surface is easy to maintain by light pressure washing or sweeping.

The Adtex resin is manufactured using environmentally friendly bio-mass materials. It offers extremely good adhesion to most substrates and is flexible but durable. Adtex is sold as a liquid two component pack and delivered in plastic containers ready for application.

When buying a resin and aggregate pack you will receive the 2 resin components and 5 bags of aggregate in the colour that you have selected. First select your colour preference and then use the handy coverage calculator by entering the square meterage of the application area. The calculator will return the amount of pack required which can then be added to the basket.

Packs are designed for a typical installation area that is flat, even, fit for purpose and that will be moderately trafficked. Where the installation area is sloped, has a turning circle or will be heavily trafficked please seek advise prior to the purchase of products.

Please note that if the installation area is uneven this will effect the appearance of the system and may require additional material. We therefore can only approximate the amount of materials that your area will require as we are unable to take into account specific site conditions. If you have any doubt about the installation area we would recommend that you use the services of an experienced contractor.


Aggregates are available in a wide range of sizes, colours, shapes and hardness. They are sold in grades and come washed and dried in 25kg bags. A grade can refer to a specific aggregate size for instance 6mm, alternatively a grade can consist of a range of sizes for example 2-5mm. A 2-5mm in one type of aggregate, however may not be comparable to a 2-5mm in another type of aggregate. This is because naturally occurring aggregate sizes vary greatly between different types of rock. Typical grades of aggregate for use with Adtex resin would be 1-3mm or 2-5mm. Aggregates must be clean, dust free and dry for use with Adtex resin.

When selecting an aggregate, careful consideration must be given to how the finished surface will be used and what load the surface is expected to endure, from either foot, vehicular or heavy vehicle traffic. Getting the choice of aggregate correct will be vital for the longevity of the Adtex system.

Where can it be used?

Adtex is the perfect solution for driveways, estate roads, parking areas, footpaths, courtyards, patios, garden design, playgrounds, disabled access ramps, roof terraces and balconies.

Click here to watch our Resin Bonded Video


Resin mixing

Adtex resin is sold as a pack containing two liquid resin components; the base Part A supplied in a large container and the activator Part B in the smaller container. The activator is poured into the base container and mixed using a drill and paddle being careful to include the material from the container sides and bottom, until they are full combined. A good indication is that the resin has been properly mixed in the change in colour, to a light creamy colour.


The resultant Adtex resin is poured onto the substrate in rows and then pushed out to cover the application area using a 6mm serrated squeegee. The resin is then left for a few minutes to self level before applying the aggregate. The aggregate is scattered over the wet resin in a flicking motion, completely saturated the wet resin with aggregate until is is completely covered. The system is then left to cure and finally the excess aggregate is swept off and re-bagged if it is to be re-used. Full application information can be found within our data sheets, method statements and application guides. The key to a successful installation is that the application area must be properly prepared.

Click here for a full video application guide

Technical Information

Adtex resin is unique as it has be formulated using a hybrid polyurethane. Differing from other similar systems, Adtex is flexible, it relaxes and moves with the substrate as it expands through heat swelling and contracts when the temperature decreases. The inclusion of thermoplastic properties within this hybrid resin system is what gives Adtex greater flexibility. Epoxies are often brittle and prone to debonding unlike Adtex resin that is durable but flexible and has excellent adhesion even when installed at low temperatures.

Adtex Resin Bonded Paving has been produced using bio-mass materials so that it is environmentally friendly and both solvent and odour free.

A resin bonded system can be applied to most substrates for example tarmac, concrete, asphalt, metal and wood provided that it is sound, clean, dry, contamination free and able to withstand the force that is expected to endure from anticipated loads. Specialist installation processes are required for wood and metal. Please consult the data sheet.

One pack of Adtex has the following Spread Rate information:

Spread Rate

Aggregate Coverage


8-10Kg/m2 fully blinded

5-7Kg/ retained

Resin System Coverage

Approx - it depends on the type and condition of the substrate

12-15m2 per pack

Full technical information can be found within the data sheet.


Adtex Resin has been manufactured with careful consideration of the environment. The resin comprises of bio-mass materials and is both odour and solvent-free, making it Eco-friendly. The Adtex resin containers are all fully recyclable.

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