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GeoPave EzFloat - Resin Only Pack


  • Sold in 7.5kg Packs
  • UV Resistant
  • Highly attractive
  • Extremely durable
  • Flexible
  • No loose stones
  • Restricts weed growth
  • Solvent-free
  • Odour free during and after application
  • Environmentally friendly, biomass-based resin component
  • Produces stunning surfaces
  • Can be used as part of a SUDS compliant bound surfacing system
  • Perfect for harmony with the existing environment
  • Non slip, anti-skid aggregates can be used
  • Internal or external use
  • Tree pit packs available
  • Superb range of aggregate blends
  • Alternative to tarmac, asphalt and concrete
  • Alternative to conventional paving

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Product Overview
Technical & Application Details

GeoPave EzFloat Resin Bound Paving

What is Resin Bound Paving?

Resin Bound Paving is a combination of specially formulated resin and aggregate that is applied to a substrate by hand trowel and then left to cure. It forms an attractive, fairly flat, even surface that is an excellent alternative to traditional paving methods, for instance block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, decking and loose gravel. This picturesque paving is a welcome change to tedious concrete, tarmac or asphalt and can enhance natural surroundings by using aggregates that compliment or contrast with adjacent structures.

A resin bound system has many benefits compared to that of conventional paving. It is are easy to maintain and does not require treatment. Cleaning is simple by sweeping or light pressure washing. Weed growth is reduced and, because the aggregate is bound in place, stones are unable to migrate unlike loose gravel surfaces. A bound system is also permeable, an ideal solution to the SUDS legislation, alleviating time consuming planning processes.

A resin bound system comprises of resin and aggregate.

Click here to watch our GeoPave Resin Bound Paving Video


When buying GeoPave EzFloat resin, it is supplied as a pack consisting of two liquid resin components that will be combined during the installation process.

GeoPave resin is a cold applied resin system, based on a unique hybrid polyurethane that has been developed using biomass materials, it is therefore environmentally friendly and both solvent and odour free.  


100kg of aggregate is require for one pack of GeoPave Resin, typically aggregate is supplied in 25kg bags. There are many different types of aggregates, that vary in shape, colour, hardness and size, most of which are suitable for use within a GeoPave surfacing system. To give the system its strength, we strongly recommend using a combination of two grades of aggregate a 2-5mm and a 1-3mm, we refer to this as a mix.

Aggregates are usually sold in grades that have been specially produced to be used in conjunction with resin paving systems. Grading aggregate is achieved by using different sieves sizes, this gives each grade a variety of stone sizes. A 6mm grade has been more closely sieved, resulting in a tighter grade mainly consisting of 6mm aggregate. Whereas a 1-3mm or a 2-5mm is produced using several sieves and results in a percentage of each stone size within the range, being included in that grade. For instance a percentage of 1mm, of 2mm and so on.

A point to remember is that a 1-3mm grade in a granite for example may vary greatly from a 1-3mm in a flint. Even though they are the of the same grade, the pyhsical stones sizes are not comparable.

Resin Bound specifications may consist of more than two grades, this is not uncommon and will depend on where the resin bound system is being installed, to the degree of the load the system is required to endue and what sub-base the system will be applied. The choice of aggregate is therefore critical to the durability of the system and should be taken into careful consideration. An experienced contractor is best placed to advise on the most suitable mix and what sub-base is required.

Where can it be used?

GeoPave is the perfect solution for many different projects such as footpaths, driveways, patios, car parks, conservatories, playgrounds, swimming pool surrounds, heritage sites, conservation areas, disabled access ramps, it can even be installed internally, adding uniformity to large scale construction projects that consist of internal corridors and external courtyards. As a resin bound system is also permeable, therefore GeoPave is an effective SUDS solution.

How do I apply it?

Resin mixing

A GeoPave EzFloat system comprises two components, a base component (Pack A - larger Container) and an activator component (Pack B - Smaller Container). The two components are mixed together by pouring the activator into the base container and blending for several minutes using a drill and paddle. It is important to make certain that any material from the sides and bottom of the drum are also included.

Aggregate mixing

Charge a forced action mixer with 100kg of the chosen aggregate (typically 50kg of 1-3mm and 50kg of a 2-5mm) and leave to circulate for a few minutes before adding the resultant resin. Pour the resin into the mixer, allowing the resin and aggregate to fully combine for several minutes ensuring that all of the aggregate is sufficiently coated with resin.


GeoPave EzFloat is an environmentally friendly system, as the resin is manufactured using bio-mass materials, is both odour and solvent free. Our products are delivered in containers that are recyclable. Recycled materials such as glass, ceramics and aggregates can also be used within a resin bound system. GeoPave is fully permeable with voids across its entire surface that deal with excess water in a sustainable and economical way.

Permeable Paving

New legislation came into effect in 2008 that set out how to deal with the issues relating to the build up of surface water run-off that often cause flash flooding. Our conventional drainage systems had become more and more under pressure due to the increase in adverse weather conditions. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, often referred to as SUDS stipulated that surface water now had to be dispersed quickly and effectively through the use of drainage management solutions and actual devices. GeoPave is a permeable paving system that efficiently manages excess water. The water percolates through the resin bound system successfully reducing the amount of surplus water. GeoPave is the preferred SUDS solution because the entire surface is permeable as apposed to other traditional porous paving materials, where the voids are irregular. A specific sub-base is required to achieve a SUDS compliant permeable GeoPave Solution.

Tree Pits

Traditional open tree pits and metal grilles often encounter several problems such as weeds, litter, waste build up, trip hazards and in many cases vandalism. When installing a GeoPave Tree Pit system it alleviates many of these issues. Tree Pit packs are sold separately, see our Tree Pit Pack for more information.


This mixture is poured into a polythene lined wheelbarrow and transported to the application area. The polythene will protect the wheelbarrow from being contaminated with resin. The contents of the wheelbarrow are then tipped onto the installation area and roughly distributed across the sub-base using a rake or squeegee. Next the GeoPave is compacted and consolidated using a hand trowel. Enough downward force must be applied to the trowel to ensure that the GeoPave surface has been properly compressed. Final smoothing is achieved by wiping the face of the trowel clean with a cloth or brush doused with white spirit. Leave the trowel slightly lubricated with white spirit as this enables the trowel to gently but firmly glide over the surface smoothing out any irregularities. Full application information can be found within our product information sheets, method statements and application guides.

Click here for a full Video application guide

Technical Information

GeoPave Resin is a unique hybrid polyurethane based product, possessing several rare characteristics. It is both flexible and durable, unlike epoxy resin systems. GeoPave can expand and contract with the substrate, reducing the risk of cracking. It's flexibility can be attributed to its thermoplastic properties, which differs to most other resins. Thermoplastics soften and harden depending on their temperature. This is important when matching expansion and contraction in the substrate and reduces the possibility of cracking.

GeoPave should be installed at different thicknesses depending the on the anticipated force the system is expected to endure, pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

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