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GeoPave - Resin and Aggregate Pack

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Benefit (scroll down for detailed information)

  • One pack covers 2.4 - 5.0 mē depending on required thickness. 
  • Non-UV Resistant
  • Highly attractive alternative to asphalt (tarmac), concrete and block paving
  • Superb range of aggregate blends to harmonise with the surrounding environment
  • Highly durable
  • No loose stones
  • Solvent-free
  • Odour free
  • Environmentally friendly, biomass-based resin component
  • SUDS compliant

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Product Overview
Technical & Application Details

GeoPave Resin Bound Paving

What is Resin Bound Paving?

A resin bound paving system is an attractive alternative to conventional paving materials such as block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, loose gravel and decking. Its naturally appealing appearance is also a relief from bland, dull tarmac, asphalt and concrete. GeoPave resin bound systems can be installed to enhance the surroundings by using complimentary or contrasting aggregate blends.

A resin bound aggregate surfacing system comprises of a specially formulated resin and a mix of aggregates. The aggregates are effectively bound together by the resin and then applied to the application area by trowel, and finally left to cure. This forms a comparatively flat, even, hard surface. A resin bound surface will rapidly reduce weed growth and is easy to maintain by sweeping or light cold pressure washing.

Click here to watch our GeoPave Resin Bound Paving Video


We manufacture and sell GeoPave as a combined pack consisting of GeoPave resin and a selected aggregate blend or as resin only. Each pack contains the two resin components and 4 bags of aggregate 2 x 2-5mm and 2 x 1-3mm. First select the colour mix you desire and then use the calculator to calculate how many packs is required for the installation surface area. Finally add the required amount of packs to the basket.

The two resin components will be combined during the installation process.  The resin is a unique hybrid polyurethane, formulated using biomass materials. It is therefore an environmentally, eco-friendly product that is both odour and solvent free. 


100kg of aggregate is require for one pack of GeoPave Resin, typically aggregate is supplied in 25kg bags. There are many different types of aggregates, that vary in shape, colour, hardness and size, most of which are suitable for use within a GeoPave surfacing system. To give the system its strength, we strongly recommend an amalgamation of a 2-5mm and a 1-3mm grades should be used with GeoPave resin, this is referred to as a mix or blend.

It is not uncommon to find specifications consisting of three grades or sometimes even four grades to a mix, it will depend on where GeoPave is being installed and what the system will be require to endure, foot traffic, vehicular traffic or heavy loads. Selecting the correct aggregate and mix is vital to the longevity of the system. Experienced contractors will be able to advise the most appropriate aggregate mix for a project.

Packs are designed for a typical installation area that is flat, even, fit for purpose and that will be moderately trafficked. Where the installation area is sloped, has a turning circle or will be heavily trafficked please seek advise prior to the purchase of products.

Please note that if the installation area is uneven you may require more of the resin and aggregate mix. We therefore can only approximate the amount of materials that your area will require as we are unable to take into account specific site conditions. If you have any doubt about the installation area we would recommend that you use the services of an experienced contractor.

Where can it be used?

GeoPave is the ideal solution for driveways, estate roads, parking areas, footpaths, courtyards, patios, conservatories, garden design, playgrounds, swimming pool surrounds, disabled access ramps, roof terraces, balconies and as part of a permeable paving SUDS solution. It can also be installed internally, making it the perfect choice for large scale projects consisting of internal atria and external courtyards.


Resin mixing

When purchasing a pack of GeoPave you will receive two containers, a base component in the larger container and an activator element in the smaller container. Both are liquid components. The combination of both of these components makes up the GeoPave resin. First the activator (small container - Pack B) is poured into the base container (Pack A) and mixed for several minutes using an electric drill and paddle, until they are fully combined, ensuring that all material from the sides and bottom of the drum is included.

Aggregate mixing

Next the forced action mixer is charged with the selected aggregate and left to circulate prior to the addition of the resin. The mixer should have the capacity to hold 80 litres and 100kg of aggregate.  GeoPave resin should be used in combination with 100kg of aggregate. As the aggregate is normally sold in 25kg bags it is easy to add for example a 50:50 mix to the mixer using two 25kg bags of the 2-5mm aggregate and the other two of 1-3mm. Some mixes may not consist of a 50:50 ratio, therefore alter the aggregate ratio accordingly. The resultant resin should then be poured into the mixer, leaving it to mix, until all of the aggregate has been fully coated with resin.

GeoPave resin is incredibly durable with good adhesion to most commonly encountered surfaces, for instance asphalt, tarmac, concrete, block paving and wood. There are specialist installation requirements when applying it to wood or block paving, please see data sheet. Substrates must be sound, clean, dry, contamination free and able to withstand the expected loads. When using GeoPave as a permeable solution please be aware that a specific base build up will be required. See our product information sheets for details. Specific information regarding sub-bases and their build ups can be found within the GeoPave product information sheet.


GeoPave Resin Bound Paving has been developed with careful consideration of the environment. The resin is manufactured from bio-mass materials, is both odour and solvent-free, making it Eco-friendly. The GeoPave containers are all fully recyclable. GeoPave is a porous system that can be used as a SUDS solution. SUDS systems are designed to tackle excess water in a sustainable and economical way, reducing the amount of surface water run-off that flows into our drainage systems.

Permeable Paving

In October 2008 new legislation came into effect called Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). The legislation was designed to address the continual issues of surface water run-off that can lead to flash flooding and the impact that this has on our conventional drainage systems.  SUDS refers to surface water and drainage management methods and actual devices that were developed to tackle excess water in a sustainable and economical way. Surface water had to be dispersed quickly and effectively. One of the SUDS recommendations was to install a permeable surface as a solution as this would successfully reduce any unwanted surface water. Permeable paving would allow surface water to soak though the system into the base below. GeoPave is a permeable surface, that allows the water to efficiently filter through the natural gaps between the aggregates and drain away. A resin bound system is one of the most successful SUDS solutions as the entire surface contains small voids, as opposed to other permeable paving materials where the voids are intermittent. When installing GeoPave as a SUDS solution a particular base build up is required. Examples can be found in the GeoPave product information sheet.

Tree Pits

A GeoPave system is also an ideal solution to the problems experienced with traditional open tree pits and metal tree grilles, such as litter, waste, weeds, trip hazards and vandalism. Separate Tree Pit Packs are available.


This mixture is poured into a polythene lined wheelbarrow and transported to the application area. The polythene will protect the wheelbarrow from being contaminated with resin. The contents of the wheelbarrow are then tipped onto the installation area and roughly distributed across the sub-base using a rake or squeegee. Next the GeoPave is compacted and consolidated using a hand trowel.  Enough downward force must be applied to the trowel to ensure that the GeoPave surface has been properly compressed. Final smoothing is achieved by wiping the face of the trowel clean with a cloth or brush doused with white spirit. Leave the trowel slightly lubricated with white spirit as this enables the trowel to gently but firmly glide over the surface smoothing out any irregularities. Full application information can be found within our product information sheets, method statements and application guides.

Click here for a full Video application guide

Technical Information

GeoPave Resin is a unique hybrid polyurethane based product, possessing several rare characteristics. It is both flexible and durable, unlike epoxy resin systems. GeoPave can expand and contract with the substrate, reducing the risk of cracking. It's flexibility can be attributed to its thermoplastic properties, which differs to most other resins. Thermoplastics soften and harden depending on their temperature. This is important when matching expansion and contraction in the substrate and reduces the possibility of cracking.

GeoPave should be installed at different thicknesses depending the on the anticipated force the system is expected to endure, pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Spread rate information is as follows:


Approximate Spread Rate (per 100 Kilo Mix)


12mm - Pedestrian Only

5 mē

18mm - Medium Vehicles

3.3 mē

25mm - Heavy Vehicles

2.4 mē

Full technical information can be found within the product information sheet.

Pack size = 6.5kg

Aggregates = 100 kg required per pack

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