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GeoPave UVR - Resin and Aggregate Pack

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Benefits (scroll down for detailed information)

  • UV (ultra violet) light resistant - resists colour change due to weathering
  • One pack covers 2.4 - 5.0 m² depending on required thickness. Click on Area Calculator below
  • Highly attractive alternative to asphalt (tarmac), concrete and block paving
  • Superb range of aggregate blends to harmonise with the surrounding environment
  • Highly durable
  • No loose stones
  • Solvent-free
  • Odour free
  • Environmentally friendly, biomass-based resin component
  • SUDS compliant

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Product Overview
Technical & Application Details

GeoPave UVR Resin Bound Paving

Aggregates Mix Options and Resin

What is Resin Bound Paving?

Resin Bound Paving is a combination of specially formulated resin and aggregate that is applied to a substrate by hand trowel and then left to cure. It forms an attractive, fairly flat, even surface that is an excellent alternative to traditional paving methods, for instance block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, decking and loose gravel. This picturesque paving is a welcome change to tedious concrete, tarmac or asphalt and can enhance natural surroundings by using aggregates that compliment or contrast with adjacent structures.

A resin bound system has many benefits compared to that of conventional paving. It is are easy to maintain and does not require treatment. Cleaning is simple by sweeping or light pressure washing. Weed growth is reduced and, because the aggregate is bound in place, stones are unable to migrate unlike loose gravel surfaces. A bound system is also permeable, an ideal solution to the SUDS legislation, alleviating time consuming planning processes.

A resin bound system comprises of resin and aggregate.

Click here to watch our GeoPave Resin Bound Paving Video

Resin and Aggregates

We sell the aggregate and resin a a combined pack. Each pack contains the two resin components and 4 bags of aggregate 2 x 2-5mm and 2 x 1-3mm. First select the colour mix you desire and then use the calculator to calculate how many packs is required for the installation surface area. Finally add the required amount of packs to the basket.


GeoPave UVR is a clear resin that resists discolouration when exposed to direct sunlight. It is therefore more suitable for use with light aggregates. The UVR resin requires an additional component; Catalyst VA5, which is added to the resin whilst the base and activator are being mixed. The catalyst is used to alter the curing time of the GeoPave UVR system, correct dosage levels are very important, please seek advise prior to installation.


100kg of aggregate is require for one pack of GeoPave Resin, typically aggregate is supplied in 25kg bags. There are many different types of aggregates, that vary in shape, colour, hardness and size, most of which are suitable for use within a GeoPave surfacing system. To give the system its strength, we strongly recommend using a combination of two grades of aggregate a 2-5mm and a 1-3mm, we refer to this as a mix.

Resin Bound specifications may consist of more than two grades, this is not uncommon and will depend on where the resin bound system is being installed, to the degree of the load the system is required to endue and what sub-base the system will be applied. The choice of aggregate is therefore critical to the durability of the system and should be taken into careful consideration. An experienced contractor is best placed to advise on the most suitable mix and what sub-base is required.

Packs are designed for a typical installation area that is flat, even, fit for purpose and that will be moderately trafficked. Where the installation area is sloped, has a turning circle or will be heavily trafficked please seek advise prior to the purchase of products.

Please note that if the installation area is uneven you may require more of the resin and aggregate mix. We therefore can only approximate the amount of materials that your area will require as we are unable to take into account specific site conditions. If you have any doubt about the installation area we would recommend that you use the services of an experienced contractor.

Where can it be used?

GeoPave is the perfect solution for many different projects such as footpaths, driveways, patios, car parks, conservatories, playgrounds, swimming pool surrounds, heritage sites, conservation areas, disabled access ramps, it can even be installed internally, adding uniformity to large scale construction projects that consist of internal corridors and external courtyards. As a resin bound system is also permeable, therefore GeoPave is an effective SUDS solution.

Click here to read our GeoPave case studies

How do I apply it?

Resin mixing

A GeoPave UVR system comprises two components, a base component (Pack A - larger Container) and an activator component (Pack B - Smaller Container). The two components are mixed together by pouring the activator into the base container and blending for several minutes using a drill and paddle. It is important to make certain that any material from the sides and bottom of the drum are also included. At this point the Catalyst VA5 can be added, to ensure correct dosage levels see our data sheet. Catalyst VA5 should be used sparingly, as too much will result in rapid curing.

Aggregate mixing

Charge a forced action mixer with 100kg of the chosen aggregate (typically 50kg of 1-3mm and 50kg of a 2-5mm) and leave to circulate for a few minutes before adding the resultant resin. Pour the resin into the mixer, allowing the resin and aggregate to fully combine for several minutes ensuring that all of the aggregate is sufficiently coated with resin.


GeoPave UVR is an environmentally friendly system, as the resin is manufactured using bio-mass materials, is both odour and solvent free. Our products are delivered in containers that are recyclable. Recycled materials such as glass, ceramics and aggregates can also be used within a resin bound system. GeoPave is fully permeable with voids accross its entire surface that deal with excess water in a sustainable and economical way.

Permeable Paving

New legislation came into effect in 2008 that set out how to deal with the issues relating to the build up of surface water run-off that often cause flash flooding. Our conventional drainage systems had become more and more under pressure due to the increase in adverse weather conditions. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, often referred to as SUDS stipulated that surface water now had to be dispersed quickly and effectively through the use of drainage management solutions and actual devices. GeoPave is a permeable paving system that efficiently manages excess water. The water percolates through the resin bound system successfully reducing the amount of surplus water. GeoPave is the preferred SUDS solution because the entire surface is permeable as apposed to other traditional porous paving materials, where the voids are irregular. A specific sub-base is required to achieve a SUDS compliant permeable GeoPave Solution.

Tree Pits

Traditional open tree pits and metal grilles often encounter several problems such as weeds, litter, waste build up, trip hazards and in many cases vandalism. When installing a GeoPave Tree Pit system it alleviates many of these issues. Tree Pit packs are sold separately, see our Tree Pit Pack for more information.


Tip the resin bound mix into a polythene protected wheelbarrow and transport it to the installation area. Empty the wheelbarrow out over the application area and then roughly distribute the mixture by using a rake or flat bladed squeegee. Using a hand trowel, compact and consolidate the GeoPave, ensuring that enough downward force is applied so that the surface is correctly compressed. To aid final finishing, wipe the face of the trowel with a clean cloth or brush that has been soaked in white spirit, leaving the trowel slightly lubricated with white spirit. The trowel should now glide effortlessly across the surface smoothing out any irregularities. As this is put in simple terms, please ensure that you consult our full application guide, product information sheets and method statements prior to installation. Complex installations should be carried out by experienced contractors, we do not accept liability for failures that have not been correctly installed.

Click here for a full Video application guide

Technical Information

GeoPave UVR resin is based upon a unique hybrid polyurethane formulation that has many advantages over that of other resin base systems. It has been designed as a flexible system that can contract and expand with the substrate, unlike many epoxy resins that are often brittle and prone to cracking. The flexibility is a result of the formulation containing thermoplastic properties, which are specifically developed to be flexible as they have to undergo particularly punishing conditions on the roads.

GeoPave UVR can be applied to most typically encountered surfaces such as asphalt, tarmac, concrete, block paving and wood, providing that the substrate is sound, clean and contamination free. Be mindful that the construction of the sub-base must take into consideration the expected loads that the finished surface will be required to withstand. When applying GeoPave to block paving, wood or metal please consult the data sheet for specialist installation advice. The data sheets contain base build up information and diagrams to aid with a successful application. A SUDS permeable paving solution requires a specific sub-base therefore please seek advice prior to installation.

GeoPave UVR has good adhesion to most surfaces.  A resin bound system must be installed at different thicknesses to compensate for the anticipated downward force that the system is expected to endure, pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Spread rate information is as follows:

Spread Rate (per 100 Kilo Mix)

12mm - Pedestrian Only

5 m²

18mm - Medium Vehicles

3.5 m²

25mm - Heavy Vehicles

2.4 m²

Full technical information can be found within the data sheet.

* GeoPave UVR curing times will differ greatly to GeoPave Standard, with the addition of Catalyst VA5. Cure time is dependent upon the level of catalyst added.

Curing Times

Mixed resin pot life @ 20°C (approx)

25 minutes (typical *)

Initial set @ 20°C 

40 minutes (typical *)

Full cure in bound system @ 20°C

24 hours

Pack Size = 6.5kg

100kg aggregates per pack

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