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GeoPave UVR - Tree Pit Pack


  • Sold in 4.0kg packs
  • Attractive
  • Incredibly durable
  • Flexible
  • No loose stones
  • Prohibits litter
  • Restricts weed growth
  • Solvent-free
  • Odour free during and after application
  • Environmentally friendly, biomass-based resin component
  • Porous - rain water feeds the tree's roots
  • Perfect for harmony with the existing environment
  • Superb range of aggregates
  • UV Resistant

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Product Overview
Technical & Application Details

 What is GeoPave Tree Pit Pack UVR - Overview?

GeoPave is an ideal solution to the issues experienced by conventional open tree pits and metal grilles, for instance litter, weed growth, waste build up, trip hazards and vandalism. A GeoPave system can be installed into a tree pit for both young and mature trees, and can be applied adjacent to the tree trunk without damaging the tree itself. Resin Bound Paving is a permeable system, the rain water can therefore percolate through the surface to feed the trees roots without the need for watering tubes. A collar can be placed around a younger tree to allow the tree to grow. 

A resin bound GeoPave Tree Pit system uses a two component resin and selected aggregate. The aggregate is typically supplied in 25kg bags and can be source from a variety of aggregate suppliers, provided that it is clean, washed and dried before use within a GeoPave Tree Pit. GeoPave Tree Pit Resin pack contains an activator and a base, which when mixed together provide the binder for the selected aggregate. The aggregate and resin are mixed together and then levelled and compacted using a trowel. A Tree Pit Pack is sold in 4.0kg packs. 

Click here to watch our GeoPave Resin Bound Paving Video

Where can GeoPave Tree Pit Pack be used?

Open Tree Pits in city landscaping, urban regeneration schemes, car parks, office grounds and as part of an environmentally friendly solution.


Installation of a GeoPave UVR Tree Pit is similar to a GeoPave paving system, differing only in the thickness that it is applied. The resin components are mixed together and added to a forced action mixer pre-loaded with the selected aggregate. Having circulated in the mixer the aggregate should now be adequately coated in resin, it is then transported to the tree pit. The pit is filled to an approx thickness of 50mm and then levelled and compacted using a trowel. Please see product information sheet for full application details.

Click here for a full Video application guide


The GeoPave tree pit resin comprises of a two component pack that has been produced using a hybrid polyurethane technology. It has been manufactured using environmentally friendly bio-mass materials. The resin bound system is flexible and permeable making it the perfect solution for tree pits.

The GeoPave Tree Pit resin is sold in a 4.0kg pack comprises; Pack B the activator and Pack A the base material, these are mixed together to form the binder for the aggregate. Aggregate is sold in 25kg bags and 100kg is required per pack of GeoPave Resin. Typically 6-10mm aggregate is used for Tree Pits as this increases the size of the voids between each stone, allowing more water to perculate through to feed the trees roots.

See the product information sheet for more details.

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