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Void Fillers

Void fillers, sometimes known as 'scratch coats' are surface regulating treatments carried out to prepare a rough or textured surface prior to treatment with a coating such as a resin bonded aggregate surfacing system. They are designed to fill small voids and imperfections typically in an asphalt or concrete  substrate to ensure that the subsequent treatment has an even surface on which to be applied. The void filler serves two main purposes - firstly to create an even surface so that the final appearance of the resin bonded  surfacing is even and attractive and secondly to prevent expensive resin draining into the substrate voids and being available on the treated substrate surface, ready to bond the aggregate dressing.

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PCL cloth duct tape 75mm x 50m for masking when using resin systems and other coatings
£3.83 ex VAT
Complete 24" flat bladed rubber squeegee and wooden frame
£12.65 ex VAT
Right handed spiral mixing paddle for blending resin systems and coatings
£36.00 ex VAT
Surface regulating pre-treatment for resin bonded aggregate surfacing
£40.00 ex VAT